Tri State Car Wash Solutions designs and builds car washes for customers throughout the Midwest. We equip car washes with D&S state-of-the-art IQ 2.0 Soft Touch and Touch-Free In Bay Automatic and IQ Self Wash Car Wash Systems as well as custom graphics, consultation services, and replacement parts. Call us at 217-779-4076 to discuss your next project!

Our Services

Tri State Car Wash Solutions Can Design and Build Your Car Wash Facility

Tri State Car Wash Solutions welcomes the opportunity to equip our customers with the tools and knowledge to build a successful car wash business. From Business Proforma to Site Analysis, we understand the car wash business and how to be successful. Contact us today for additional information.

Tri State Car Wash Solutions Car Wash Equipment

Tri State Car Wash Solutions removes currently installed car wash systems from property to help preserve that equipment for resale or later use. We use only certified D&S Car Wash technicians to install D&S Car Wash Equipment. A certified electrician and plumber are on site during installation to ensure local, state, and federal regulations are met.

Tri State Car Wash Solutions Car Wash Maintenance

The Tri State Car Wash Solutions service team brings our professional car wash expertise and attention to detail to support the success of your car wash business. We employ only the best service professionals in the Midwest to troubleshoot and maintain your system. Excellence is our standard to provide the best quality service for your equipment.

Car Wash Chemicals distributed by Tri State Car Wash Solutions

Tri State Car Wash Solutions is a major distributor of chemicals for touchless and self serve pre-soak, self serve high-pressure wash, brilliant tri-foam, tire and engine cleaner, low pH pre-soak, fast dry, beading rinse, foam brush cleaner, and bug removal.

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