Tri State Car Wash Solutions can help you accomplish your car wash business goals!

Tri State Car Wash Solutions welcomes the opportunity to equip our customers with the tools and knowledge to build a successful car wash business. From Business Proforma to Site Analysis, we understand the car wash business and how to be successful. With over 10 years of experience in the car wash industry, our team can design a unique facility that meets your needs and expectations as well as those of your potential customers.

Need a General Contractor?

Tri State Car Wash Solutions partners with a capable and dependable group of subcontractors to successfully complete your project – including design, full construction services, construction management, and operations. We can be your turnkey general contractor to handle all construction details to provide a car wash facility that invites car owners to do business with you.

Need an Architect?

If you need an architect, Tri State Car Wash Solutions can offer you the services of our trusted architectural design partners to create a facility that will meet the expectations of both you and your car wash customers.

Contact Us today to assist you in the design, build, and installation of your car wash!

Have Your Own Architect or Builder?

No problem! Tri State Car Wash Solutions can work hand-in-hand as part of your team to ensure your project is completed to your specifications. Our goal is to partner with your team to ensure the construction and equipment fit together seamlessly – and involving Tri State Car Wash Solutions in the design and pre-build process will do that. We also are “on call” during your project to answer questions from plumbers, electricians, and engineers.

Not Sure About the Type of Building Materials To Use?

Tri State constructs car wash buildings of quality materials supplied by Wall Forms of Missouri, an Authorized Distributor of Extrutech® Plastics Building Products. We also offer you the option to use American Steel Buildings quality materials in your construction project. Both choices provide top-notch construction materials that meet our strict specifications.