Tri State Car Wash Solutions is an American Steel Buildings authorized distributor.

We specialize in building pre-engineered metal buildings for storage units, car washes, and garages that are fabricated using the highest quality steel available in the world today. These affordable metal buildings are constructed using our expert installation services and the very best customer service.

We choose to build American Steel Buildings for our customers because their metal building construction materials options include:

  • gabled symmetrical or single slope buildings with sidewall and/or endwall bays
  • non-expandable bearing frame (half-load) or non-expandable rigid frame (full-load) expandable frame
  • tapered or straight column
  • 24- or 26-gauge roof (PBR) or wall (PBR or PBA) panels
  • bypass or flush girt condition
  • 23 color options 
  • accessories including purlin and canopy roof extensions, windows, gutters and downspouts, vents, framed opening jamb flashing, light transmitting panel, interior wall liner panel, roof jacks, walkdoors, and base trim options

Contact Us today to assist you in the design, build, and installation of your next steel structure!